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Is the Brand of Implant Important?

Today, dental implant brands and implant manufacturing companies have increased so much that there are over a hundred dental implant brands applied in dentistry.

The Brands of Dental Implants and Its Importance

As you can estimate, the production of dental implants whose usage is growing day by day has a high rate at competition. There are lots of reliable dental implant brands that have proven their quality in implant sector. The number of dental implant brands known today is around 600. Also, these dental implant brands use nearly 100 different designs in their productions. Even it is confusing to have so many brands and different designs in the dental implant industry growing day by day, there is not much difference between them in that they all serve for the same purpose. The success of the implant application depends more on the success of the dentist and on the quality of the patient's jaw than on the implant’s brand. The dentist starts the operation by choosing the right dental implants after examining the patient's jaw. There are various dental implants that are wide and narrow diameter, long or short. The more important point here is the good analysis of the patient's jaw and finding the most appropriate implant by the dentist.

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Dental Implant in Turkey

The dental implant whose production is rapidly increasing in the world has begun to be produced in Turkey. Turkey has the technology and scientific infrastructure to produce its own implant. Dental Implants that have been imported until recently in our country have finally started to be produced in our country as a result of long studies. On the other hand, it has been producing on behalf of countries that are leaders in dental implant manufacturing (Germany, Israel, the United States, Italy). The price of higher quality dental implants that are 100% domestic production and for what Turkish resources are fully utilized, are expected to decrease with increased government support and production. Because the dental implant prices are still high and the government does not pay back, the dental implant in our country is not preferable enough.

Although the dental implant brands’ success rates in operation are around 90%, some private dental implant brands produce dental implants that offer easiness to patient and dentist thanks to the high budget they allocate for R & D. While these implants give the patient an advantage thanks to their fast recovery times, they offer convenience and durability to the dentist with also more advanced connection patterns to attach the upper structures.

Generally, we can seperate dental implant brands in two. We can regard the first groupas the leading companies in the sector. These companies are the leading companies with their high R & D budgets and their innovative designs. We can say that the second group is the companies that do not relatively have R&D expenditures and that sell the design of dental implants using old technology.

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The Brands of Dental Implants Widespread in Turkey

  • Straumann
  • Nobel
  • Zimmer
  • MIS
  • Implance
  • Swiss