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Implant Treatment

Dental Implant Prices

There is a no matter of uniform pricing for implant treatment. Since there are a variety of factors are discussed when implant application is performed, these factors determine the cost.

When it is looked today, it cannot be said that implant treatment is a very cost-effective treatment when the purchasing power of people is generally considered in our country. However, it is one of the treatment methods that expenditure made will not be wasted when compared with the obtained result and success rate.

implant prices
implant prices

Important Factors that affect Implant Prices

  • To be needed to very high technology for healthy implant production.
  • Complexity of implant application procedure, patient's intraoral status and needs. (A factor that also affects the cost of implant treatment is whether the implant is suitable for the area where a person will get implant or not.) Since the mouth structure not suitable for the implant will generate additional treatment processes and it is necessary to be set up a proper infrastructure for the implant, this kind of treatment is also a factor that will affect the price of the implant.
  • That the doctor’s choice of the implant brand affects the cost of the treatment. (There are many different implant models in the market with different price ranges. The implant used by the doctor also have made the cost of the implant application affected.)

The exact price is come to the light as for that the doctor's examination of the patient's mouth and jaw structure, decision of treatment style, and the type of denture requested by the patient. Therefore, when purchasing power of people are taken into account, the implant treatment, which seems as expensive at first glance, results in the fact that it is not even expensive considering the long-term efficiency, ease of use, comfort, trust for the people who receive implant therapy.

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implant prices