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Implant Treatment

Does the implant substitute for tooth?

Implants are structures that best imitate a tooth in cases of missing tooth though they do not keep the natural tooth in place completely. If your teeth is able to be rescued by root canal treatment or a filling, the implant is never preferred. First of all, it should be struggled for natural teeth to stay in the mouth.

Gaps occurred after tooth extraction cause chewing, speech and aesthetic problems. If chewing is not enough, problems begin in the stomach and digestive system. It causes joint pains in consequence of improper function of temporomandibular joint. When one-sided chewing is in question, it causes one side of the face to collapse and leads to old-fashioned appearance. It affects our speech.

Ankara implant centers
Ankara implant centers

Implant is a screw root made of titanium

Tooth implant or dental implant, which is placed into the bone, is a screw root made of titanium that is highly compatible with our body and bone. The bone thins very quickly after the extraction. So, if we do not find enough bone, it is needed that we perform additional operations to regenerate bone again. For this reason, the implant should be placed into the region where extraction have been performed as promptly as practicable. Tooth implants or dental implants are as good as natural teeth with their images and feelings. After the dental implant is applied, you can easily eat, laugh and talk. With dental implant application, bone thinning stops and it provides a youthful appearance, preventing the collapse of the face.

Mutludent which is located in Ankara Implant Centers make implant treatment.

The only factor that can cause a situation such as no-holding of the implant in the mouth is the infection of the implant. As long as we do our routine dental care just as we do for our regular teeth, no problems will be experienced. In terms of implant health, it is also necessary that the dental examinations should be done regularly without interruption.