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Tooth Whitening

First of all, it is the process of bleaching the teeth as necessity of medical indication and besides esthetics. Whitening can be used for various diseases such as coloration based on tetracycline medical indication, and fluorosis. Aesthetically, whitening can be applied to rehabilitate the psychology of the patient who has very serious dark-colored teeth. It is possible to perform the whitening process with several techniques according to the condition of the patient and the course of the case. There may be recycling in the bleaching process. So this process may need to be repeated every few years.

It is our smile that makes us feel being noticed and give us happiness. The thing that make our laugh efficient is our teeth. We do not even want to talk with yellowed teeth apart from laughing. It is imperative that we brush our teeth regularly in order to have extremely white teeth that will ensure us to speak freely and smile. Cigarette, tea, coffee, and cola are important factors that cause our teeth to yellow, and we need to stay away from them to keep our teeth white.

tooth whitening prices
tooth whitening prices

Though we care at best for our teeth, the color may still not be in the whiteness we want. This problem is often observed in antibiotics of the previously used tetracycline group, degeneration of nerves in our teeth, old crowns or yellowing due to aging.

Even though we brush yellowed teeth much, it is hard to catch the whiteness we want. At this point, there is a need for a specialist support to step in. There are different ways that we can get our teeth bleached under the control of dentists.

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In-office Whitening

In office tooth whitening, as is evident from it's name, is a whitening procedure applied directly by the dentist in the clinic. In the process of in-office bleaching, which is performed using blue light and bleaching gel on the teeth under dentist control, teeth may bright with a little hue instantly at the end of the procedure and they can keep their activity for a long time.

After completing this application at our center, we recommend our patients that they keep away from coloring agents such as cigarette, coffee, red wine and so on. There may also be a need for the use of daily plaques used at home to maintain the same whiteness of the teeth. Otherwise, your teeth may change color again by the color of the materials that lie within the mouth in time.

tooth whitening prices
tooth whitening prices

Tooth Whitening with Laser

The laser, which is the product of modern technology, is also an important tool in tooth whitening as it enables us to get successful results easily in many different treatments in medical field.

If the recommendation of the dentist is followed within the scope of tooth whitening application with laser, the teeth will retain their whiteness for a long time.

About Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening can be performed under a dentist's control. It should be noted that this procedure is done in accordance with the dentist control and guidance. Problems can arise in applications performed with no determination of whether there is a tooth decay and sensitivity for tooth whitening in mouth or not. In order for tooth whitening application to be successful, it is first necessary to clean the tartar by the dentist.

If there are applications such as denture, aesthetic filling in the mouth of the patient, applied whitening process is not effective on these teeth and the post-whitening denture or aesthetic filling treatment must be renewed to catch the same color tone. We have to brush our teeth regularly to have extremely white teeth that will allow us to speak freely and smile. Cigarette, tea, coffee, and cola are important factors that cause our teeth to turn yellow, and we need to stay away from these to keep our teeth white.

tooth whitening prices
tooth whitening prices

Does it hurt?

Teeth whitening applications performed by the control of the dentist make no harm to health of your teeth. Today, different methods have been applied for tooth whitening. We advise you to get your teeth whitened in such a way that there will be no harm to them. Many of the whitening products sold on the market now bleach our teeth by burning them just like household branch case. We advise you to stay away from this kind of products. Because over time, these products will start to damage your healthy teeth. Before using tooth whitening products sold in the market, we recommend you to apply to a dentist who has experience in this field.

In dentistry, teeth are gathered in 4 different color groups. White, yellow, gray and brown. If your teeth are in the group of yellow’s as the main color, they can be opened up to high two levels in the tones of the yellow tooth color in color scale. It is necessary that our dentist see and evaluates your teeth according to the color scale so that we can give you more detailed information in this regard.

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Dental Crown

Is a complete covering of the tooth with an aesthetic material. The most preferred materials are zirconium and porcelain coating.


Orthodontics is a special branch that provides proper setting the teeth onto the dentures, diagnosis and treatment of facial deformity.

Prosthetic Tooth

Is all artificial formations that treat aesthetic impairments, replace the lost teeth and fulfill the needs aesthetically and functionally

Root Canal Treatment

Is the removal of pulp that contains vessel and nerve packs from its own place in the tooth. The root canal treatment is performed when the pulp of the tooth is infected so that it will not be able to improve anymore.

Tooth Whitening

Is the removal of staining on the tooth. Tooth whitening is performed by using blue light and bleaching gel on the teeth, teeth bright with a little hue instantly.

Panoramic X-Ray Film

Decay, bone loss and root canal problems, which could not be recognized in medical examination, can be easily detected.