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Implant Treatment

Dental implant in one day is 280 euro. Guaranteed for life.
Implant therapy in one day means that you are operated on the day of your visit to our hospital and then leave with your new tooth again. It is the best solution for patients who have been given months of waiting. With the method our patients never have to wait without teeth. On the same day you can continue your life with a beautiful tooth. In addition, we guarantee your implants for a lifetime.

What is Dental Implant?

Implants are artificial titanium tooth roots made of screw-shaped titanium alloy that are placed into the jawbone instead of missing teeth due to various reasons.

How long does Implant Treatment take?

Insertion of your implant is performed on the day which implant treatment is started and you go home with a temporary tooth. After three months, your treatment will be completed with final interventions and you can leave with your new tooth. You will never have to wait without tooth. This method can be used in the following situations:

  • Single tooth implant
  • Multiple Teeth implant
  • Full mouth implant

What are the advantages of implant treatment?

  • Dentures made after implant treatment constitute the closest structure to the natural tooth.
  • Implant treatment provides the better chewing, more comfortable eatability of hard and dry foods and speech function as against the traditional dentures.
  • As against to other dentures, dentures have much more aesthetic appearance.
  • Thanks to implants, tooth missing can be resolved without touching neighbouring healthy teeth.
  • Decrease in jaw-bone thinning are achieved and even prevented.

Many patients have been able to return to social life on the same day after implant applications, which is a frequently used treatment method in recent years. For the dentures to be placed onto the implant, which is the second stage of the implant treatment, it is necessary to be waited for 3 months for the implant to integrate with the jawbone after the operation. One section of the implant treatment constitutes the surgical procedure while the other one constitutes the denture treatment. Therefore, it is very important that the denture specialists and the oral dental maxillofacial surgeon work in harmony with each other.

If you have only one tooth missing, it is beneficial for you to choose an implant treatment. This is because, you can have a new tooth with a single implant without having to cut the neighboring teeth as in traditional bridge treatment.

ankara implant
ankara implant

If you have more than one tooth missing implants act as a tooth root and allow the dentures to be made without the need for support from neighboring teeth. For this reason, with implant treatment to be performed in case of more than one tooth missing or provided that posterior region of the teeth where fixed denture cannot be fulfilled, you can get fixed teeth without getting tired from wearing or removing.

In the case of total tooth missing, fixed or removable dentures supported by implants compared to traditional bridges and apparatus provide ease of use. As is known, it is a very difficult period for many people to get used to using the apparatus. The retention of total dentures called apparatus diminishes over time, as making it difficult for a person to eat and speak, it causes pain by striking in the mouth. Yet with a few implants to be placed into the upper or lower jaw, and the attachments (ball or bar attachments) to be placed onto these implants, the retention of the total denture can be provided at the maximum level and more comfortable eating can be ensured.

Implants have been observed to remain in the mouth for a lifetime without problems. However, there are many factors that affect the length of the implant's life span. The foremost among them is leading for how much the patient places importance on oral hygiene. A proper oral care is important for implant patients.

In the long term, implant treatment is one of the alternative treatment methods because of the circumstances such as periodic replacement of bridges and dentures, and the attachment of other teeth to these dentures over time too.

ankara implant