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Root Canal Treatment

For the general damages that occurred in the pulp (soft tooth layer), teeth were being extracted in old practices. However, the only solution have been no longer a tooth extraction with the root canal treatment that is applied to the teeth in today’s technology.

Why is a Root Canal Treatment?

If the living tissues or pulp in the root canals of the tooth, whose alias are nerves have become infected or they can not survive, the root canal treatment is needed. This is because, this tissue has no capability of self-perpetuation and restoration as other tissues in the body. Deep decays, fillings made onto the tooth, operations such as tooth cutting, cracks or fractures occurred in tooth may lead to inflammation of the pulp. Moreover, traumas occurred in the teeth may cause inflammation and damage to the pulp even if there is no crook or decay in the teeth. If the inflamed pulp is not treated, it causes pain and abscess.

root treatment
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How do you know you need a root canal treatment?

  • Long lasting sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Pain occurred when chewing or inability to chew comfortable
  • Pain that starts by itself, especially at night
  • The color change of tooth, swelling, pain in the lymph nodes in the area near the tooth or swelling felt by hand
root treatment
root treatment

Who applies Root Canal Treatment?

All dentists learn the basic principles and practice of the canal treatment. But general dentists usually direct their patients to Endodontist, who is a root canal treatment specialist.

How does the treatment help save the tooth?

The endodontist removes inflamed or damaged pulp (vessel-nerve pack) from the root canal of the tooth. After he cleanses and shapes the root canals carefully and attentively, he fills the root canal. After root canal treatment, filling or porcelain crown are applied on your tooth. After all these operations, your tooth will continue its function like other teeth.

Is pain felt while root canal treatment is applied?

Thanks to modern anesthesia techniques and materials, pain during treatment is minimized at the least. A few days after the treatment, sensibility or pain may occur in the teeth. Getting pain medication for all these complaints may be recommended by your dentist.

Can root canal treatment be applied for all teeth?

Some teeth may not be recovered by root canal treatment. Lack of access to the canals, fractures in the roots, lack of adequate bone support, or the fact that the tooth is so damaged as much as it cannot be restored are the primary reasons.

Does root canal treatment kill tooth?

The idea "channel treatment kills the tooth" does not reflect the reality. After the living tissue in the tooth is removed by root canal treatment, the tooth become benumbed to the temperature and the cold, but continue to work with the vessels or nerves coming from the jawbone and surrounding tissues and hold onto the bone. You can chew so comfortable under favour of a suitable filling or restoration to be performed after treatment, or you can use your tooth as a denture foot.

root treatment
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Dental Crown

Is a complete covering of the tooth with an aesthetic material. The most preferred materials are zirconium and porcelain coating.


Orthodontics is a special branch that provides proper setting the teeth onto the dentures, diagnosis and treatment of facial deformity.

Prosthetic Tooth

Is all artificial formations that treat aesthetic impairments, replace the lost teeth and fulfill the needs aesthetically and functionally

Root Canal Treatment

Is the removal of pulp that contains vessel and nerve packs from its own place in the tooth. The root canal treatment is performed when the pulp of the tooth is infected so that it will not be able to improve anymore.

Tooth Whitening

Is the removal of staining on the tooth. Tooth whitening is performed by using blue light and bleaching gel on the teeth, teeth bright with a little hue instantly.

Panoramic X-Ray Film

Decay, bone loss and root canal problems, which could not be recognized in medical examination, can be easily detected.