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Orthodontics; is a special branch of the dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, preservation and treatment of irregularities in the teeth and on the face. Orthodontic treatment is necessary to ensure oral hygiene and prevent oral and dental disorders that may be faced in the future.

Scope of Orthodontic Treatment


Orthodontic treatment varies according to the type of the anomaly and the age that the patient has.

  • Conservative orthodontics: includes attempts performed to prevent the occurrence of orthodontic anomaly in child.
  • Preventive orthodontics: to prevent anomaly to occur by stopping it if occurrence of orthodontic anomaly were not being prevented in child,
  • Interceptive orthodontics: it is performed in order to treat the anomaly for the patient who has applied to us after the orthodontic anomaly occurred.
orthodontic treatment
Orthodontics, contrary to what is believed, is a treatment that can also be applied to adult individuals.
orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic Anomalies


Although the causes of all of the tooth - jaw and facial anomalies are not completely known, the main causes are below:

  • Genetic anomalies
  • Trauma
  • Physical factors
  • Malnutrition
  • Harm habits
  • Hormonal disorders and diseases
  • Congenital anomalies occurred by unknown causes precisely during growth and development in the prenatal period

Diagnostic Methods of Orthodontic Anomalies

  • Examination
  • Intra and extra oral photos
  • Panoramic x-ray
  • Wrist x-ray
  • Orthodontic model
orthodontic treatment
orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic Treatment Methods


In accordance with the diagnosis and treatment planning prescribed by your doctor, it is performed by the means of removable plates, extraoral apparatuses and fixed systems applied on the teeth. Though the fragments called bracket hook are usually made of metal, they are also produced in color in order to make them cute to children. Porcelain brackets are also used to overcome the aesthetic problem.

Age Factor in Orthodontic Treatment


The anomalies (malocclusion) in interrelationship of the lower and upper dental arches can be corrected by only orthodontic treatment at every age. The only thing we need is our patient's cooperation with us. It is possible to correct a large part of the anomalies related to the maxillofacial bone with pure orthodontic treatment in childhood. Orthodontics and maxillofacial surgery cooperation are needed to treat this type of problems at prime age.

orthodontic treatment

Dental Crown

Is a complete covering of the tooth with an aesthetic material. The most preferred materials are zirconium and porcelain coating.


Orthodontics is a special branch that provides proper setting the teeth onto the dentures, diagnosis and treatment of facial deformity.

Prosthetic Tooth

Is all artificial formations that treat aesthetic impairments, replace the lost teeth and fulfill the needs aesthetically and functionally

Root Canal Treatment

Is the removal of pulp that contains vessel and nerve packs from its own place in the tooth. The root canal treatment is performed when the pulp of the tooth is infected so that it will not be able to improve anymore.

Tooth Whitening

Is the removal of staining on the tooth. Tooth whitening is performed by using blue light and bleaching gel on the teeth, teeth bright with a little hue instantly.

Panoramic X-Ray Film

Decay, bone loss and root canal problems, which could not be recognized in medical examination, can be easily detected.