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Implant Treatment

What does the success of implant depend on?

Healing power of the patient

The most important one among the factors that affects success in implantology are the healing power of the patient. Recovery times for the patients whose general health status is good becomes shorter. Completion of 18 years of age (Completion of bone development), The bone formation of the individuals who have not finished puberty becomes incomplete. In this case, getting implant is undesirable. Even if teeth are lost at these ages, bone formation should be anticipated to be completed using space maintainers.

turkey implant prices
turkey implant prices

Use of alcohol and smoking

Based on the fact that the smoking increases the risk of infection by providing a basis for a bacterial plaque occurred in the tissues within the mouth and carbon monoxide and toxicity effects of cigarette, integration of the implant with the bone is negatively affected. In addition, wound healing is delayed and the blood build up is low. For this reasons, it is especially recommended that smoking implant patients quit or reduce smoking 15 days prior to and 1 month after treatment.

Brands of Implants

Being successful of implant application depends more on the success of the doctor and on the quality of the patient's jawbone than the implant’s brand. Although the success rates of implant brands are around 90%, some private implant brands produce the implants that offers conveniences to the patient and doctors due to the high budget they allocate for R&D. While these implants give the patient an advantage through fast recovery times, they offer convenience and durability to the dentist with even more advanced connection patterns to attach the superior structures.

turkey implant prices
turkey implant prices

Care after implant

In order for the implant application to be successful, it is a prerequisite that the patient's overall health status is good. The patient whose health status and bone structure is available carries adequate recovery potential. Proper diagnosis of the patient and careful selection of the implant is highly important for the doctor and the patient. After successful implantation resulted in success, it is very important that the implant is cleaned and maintained properly. It is highly important that the implant patient follow the doctor's recommendations after surgery. Even if just a smidgen in implant losses encountered, share of patient mistakes are even high. Important recommendations such as not to eat for 2 hours, not to eat for 24 hours, not to consume hot and hard foods for 24 hours etc. are needed to be followed

The Success of Dentist

There is no rule that the success rate of high-priced implants is high. The role of the dentist who succeeds in implantation is very important. A good consultation of the patient, the good detection of the jaw’s condition, the sterility and being in full of clinic to be implanted, the selection of the correct size of the implant according to the bone structure and the correct angle adjustment of the implant are the factors that determine the success of dentist at the first stage. The real success of the implant shapes in long term. In order to be able to talk about the success of the implant, the reaction of implant is very important when it is loaded on. This shows us how important to construct an artificial tooth (denture) which is placed on the implant later. The plans of the implant dentures must be carefully done, any practices that will place an excessive load on titanium implant into the bone should be avoided, and the height of the denture should be well adjusted.

turkey implant prices
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