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Malodor is a big problem in society. It is more common than expected and it makes you and other people very uncomfortable in social environments. One out of every four people is struggling with malodor. Individuals who complain of malodor may lose their self-confidence in their social lives. Many factors ranging from the foods we have eaten to the daily oral care and general health cause malodor. The problem causing the malodor should be diagnosed and treated as being proper to the diagnosis. In addition to avoiding from the foods causing malodor, you can reduce malodor by the following methods.

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day to clean the bacterial plaques and food waste and use floss every day,
  • Brush your tongue. Remove dentures, clean them every night, and wear them again in the morning. In addition, after each meal, clean both the teeth and dentures with brush,
  • Visit regularly your dentist for oral examination and care,
  • All tooth decays in your mouth, broken fill or crown-bridge should be treated if there exists.
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Dental Crown

Is a complete covering of the tooth with an aesthetic material. The most preferred materials are zirconium and porcelain coating.


Orthodontics is a special branch that provides proper setting the teeth onto the dentures, diagnosis and treatment of facial deformity.

Prosthetic Tooth

Is all artificial formations that treat aesthetic impairments, replace the lost teeth and fulfill the needs aesthetically and functionally

Root Canal Treatment

Is the removal of pulp that contains vessel and nerve packs from its own place in the tooth. The root canal treatment is performed when the pulp of the tooth is infected so that it will not be able to improve anymore.

Tooth Whitening

Is the removal of staining on the tooth. Tooth whitening is performed by using blue light and bleaching gel on the teeth, teeth bright with a little hue instantly.

Panoramic X-Ray Film

Decay, bone loss and root canal problems, which could not be recognized in medical examination, can be easily detected.