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Implant Treatment

Is dental implant application difficult?

The placement of dental implants has now been very short in time and the application has been very simple. A placement made by using quality and improved implant brands ends in 5-6 minutes. Now by placing the implants directly without the need for a carrier connector, duration of implant application is shortened. The recovery process can be overcomed untroubledly by taking medicines prescribed before the operation, using antiseptic gargars after the operation and good oral care. Patient who received implant dental treatment can return to his normal life on the same day. Thanks to advanced anesthetic substances, there is no pain. Complications such as pain and swelling can also be prevented with medications used after the operation.

ankara dental implant
ankara dental implant

Those who are afraid are calmed with sleeping

In patients who are concerned about surgical operations, implant dental operation is started using sedation. Relief of patients who need implant surgery but are very afraid about surgical operation can be provided sedation (deep sleep state applied by an anesthesiologist) In this case, the person does not fully understand the moment of operation because the consciousness is not fully open.

Why implants drop down?

Selection of an implant that does not have correct diameter and length, infection occurred at the site where the implant is placed, a mistake made during placement may cause the implant to drop down. Implant drops can also be seen in smokers. No Implant made may have definite guarantee as that of other medical procedures. Even though it is greatly reduced depending on improved medical technology and scientific level, there is also a risk of failure in implant applications. Implants made may result with failure by no holding due to a large variety of causes such as low level of skill of the doctor, misdiagnosis and mistreatment, evolving infections depending on the working environment and that instruments used is not hygienic enough, selection of the material that is biased or not compatible with patient's tissues, excessive sensitivity of the tissues where implant have been made, that patient does not listen doctor’s recommendation.

ankara dental implant
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