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Implant Treatment

Benefits of Dental Implant

Implant is a robust, comfortable and reliable application. Dentures made onto the implants constitute the most natural structure when they replace the natural teeth. In the process of replacement of missing teeth, healthy teeth were untouched.

The most important benefit that it provides to the patient is to be able to speak and eat safely without fear of removing denture. With this self-confidence that it brings, he reaches to a happier social life. The result of ability to eat everything that he wants to, the patient could be fed more healthily. A better aesthetic is ensured. Thanks to the implant timely made, the stopping of bone thinning starting after the tooth extraction is again a significant advantage of implant.

implant ankara advice
implant ankara advice

The Benefits to the patients who have lost all their teeth

Patients who have lost all their teeth in the lower jaw and been obliged to use total denture (complete apparatus) have difficulties in getting used to their lower dentures because of the presence of the tongue which negatively affects the lower denture and prevents the denture from vacuuming. Complaints such as striking and denture dislocation during chewing are removed through fixed dentures made onto the implant or precision attachment dentures. The similar situation applies to the upper jaw too. As for the patients who have lost some of the teeth into the lower and upper jaw and have had to use skeletal dentures, the complaints such as occurrence of rubbings as a result of appearance of the clasps and occasional thinnings in the bones are removed through implants.

The Benefit of Implants for Single Tooth Missing

The advantage that the bridges can provide in comparison to the bridges in the mouths that are in front of and behind the hollow, is that only porcelain teeth can be made on the implant without cutting the teeth.

Normally, the effects of tooth loss will also be psychological as well as physiological. As an alternative application to natural tooth replacement, the implant brings the definitive and healthiest solution to whatever problem that teeth loss will cause.
implant ankara advice