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Is it possible to eat after implant?

Do not eat or drink anything for 2 hours after implant application. You need to stay away from hot food and drinks within the first 48-72 hours. Soft foods and those at ambient temperature (such as soup, yogurt, puddings, crumb) are suitable. Acidic juices, alcoholic beverages and spicy foods must be avoided. If the patient is diabetic, he should continue to proper nutrition on the doctor's advice. You should be careful to your nutrition for a few months after implant surgery. In this period, which is a union process that titanium implant knits to the jawbone, we have made no harm to the stability of the implant, nourishing with no hot and cold foods

ankara implant treatment
ankara implant treatment

How to get fed?

Even though your dentist have advices, we can give the following examples for you to get informed. You can get fed with soft foods such as yogurt, cheeses, soaps, juices, soft cooked eggs, soft meat, milk, ice cream, puddings and crumbs at the ambient temperature. Since your nutrition will have less compared to past; you can naturally make c vitamin additive by consuming the fruits such as freshly squeezed fruit juices, kiwi, apples, strawberries, grapefruit, oranges.

Not consuming hot and cold food

What needed to be done after the implant treatment, that is, to follow the recommendations of the dentist, is very important for implant application to result in success. The first thing that your dentist will tell you after a successful implant surgery will be “not to consume hot and very cold foods”. It is necessary to follow this recommendation between 3 to 10 days according to the number of implants applied, brand of the implant and the level of the surgical procedure.

ankara implant treatment
ankara implant treatment

Not consuming hard foods

The gum, which is opened by surgical operation, is closed by suturing after the operation. Not to be smitten the sutures which have to wait until the gum ameliorates, is very important. It is necessary not to consume hard food until the sutures are removed by the dentist or to avoid any behavior that can force to this sutured area. In this process, it is necessary to get fed by consuming soft or liquid foods. If the implant is made on one side, it will be wise to use the non-implant region.

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