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Implant Treatment

Does my face swell after the implant operation? Do i have pain?

After the implant operation, slight swelling or color changes over the cheek are anticipated. However, with cold pack application performed during the first 24 hours, the edema will reduce rapidly. Severe pains are not seen, the pain medications recommended by the doctor is enough to easily bring under the control of the pain that may occur on the first day.

It is necessary to be careful while eating until the implant is integrated with the jawbone. Any pressure that will be performed on the implant may cause the implant to be lost. If the implant has been made on one side, we have made the implants protected from the pressure that may occur on the first days by chewing with the non-implant side.

implant ankara
implant ankara

More pain will be felt while tooth is extracted

In practice, it is no different than tooth extraction. In fact, tooth extraction is much more traumatic for the patient because we pull it off and take away from the body. As for in the implant operation, the screw is gently inserted into the slot. The patient feels nothing through anesthetic solutions. The patient who will use the medicines that will be given by doctor does not feel any pain after the procedure too.

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