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Implant Treatment

Is the dental implant suitable for me?

Implant operation and implant tooth could be performed to everyone as long as the disease is brought under control. If enough bone cannot be determined during the examination, the implants can be placed after regeneration of the bone infrastructure with additional procedures. It is undesirable to be performed on the individuals who are not under control, have significant systemic disease, receive radiotherapy or chemotherapy in near-term. We can list them in headings as follows:

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Objectionable cases for Implant

  • For patients who have not completed bone growth
    • Since bone growth has been continuing in individuals who have not completed adolescence, they are not suitable for implant tooth application. It is necessary for the bone growth to be completed to be able to make implant.

  • For diabetics
    • In uncontrolled diabetic patients, the implant tooth make is among the groups at risk. As well as tissue healing is slow in diabetic patients, the risk of infection is increasing.

  • For patients who have much cigarette consumption
    • Smoking increases the risk of infection by providing a basis for a bacterial plaque occurred in the tissues within the mouth. It affects negatively the integration of the implant with the bone depending on the carbon monoxide and toxicity effects of cigarette.

  • For those who have hypertension
    • In cases such as pain and stress for patients who have hypertension, overreaction are at stake. When the overreaction is given against to stimulus, blood pressure may rise acutely during dental treatment and congestive heart failure or rarely paralysis, bleeding-like complications may emerge.

  • For those who suffer from heart trouble
    • Implant tooth should not be performed without being visited for consultation to doctor.

  • For those who have blood coagulation disorders
    • Implant is not performed to those who have had blood coagulation disorders.

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