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Implant Treatment

Is Dental Implant an Expensive Treatment?

Titanium used in implant is a very advanced industrial product with 99.9% purity acquired. That's why the entry prices to the clinic are high. The high or low cost of dental implant treatment depends on implant brand applied, the surgical material aids used during the procedure.

When purchasing power of people are taken into account, the implant treatment, which seems as expensive at first glance, results in the fact that it is not even expensive considering the long-term efficiency, ease of use, comfort, trust for the people who receive implant therapy.

dental implant
dental implant

Is implant or bridge more profitable?

When it comes into question of the situation that single tooth missing is treated by an implant or a three-span bridge, even when single tooth missing is handled, the bridge appears to be a more reasonable, appropriate treatment plan at the first stage.

In the forthcoming period, the structures on which bridge have set by reducing the single tooth create problem over time. It can create serious problems such as losing the tooth within 10 or 20 years, getting the root canal treatment or renewing a bridge. But the situation for the implant is different. If it is done, applied, cared beautiful and kept very clean, only change of porcelain onto the implant may be discussed. This will also provide us with both financial and moral profits in the next period. When we look at the short term, it is asked for whether the implant is more expensive or the other options are, the implant is more expensive. But in the long term, the implant will be more appropriate than all other applications.

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