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Implant Treatment

Why should I get implant?

For those who do not have teeth but can not use removable dentures for a variety of reasons such as excessive nausea, reflexes, advanced jawbone thinning, the implant is the first method need to be considered.

In case that you want to get an implant treatment or information about implant prices, you can call the Turkey Mutludent implant center.

Patients who carry total denture with no teeth into the lower jaw complain of constant pain striking, inadequate chewing and denture dislocation. This complaint becomes even more increased over time with the thinning of bony tissue that supports denture. In such patients, as implant treatment removes all of the complaints above it also stops the bone thinning.

The ugly image of denture attached by clasps, or the necessity of cutting the healthy teeth to be able to make bridge make the implant the only alternative. The placement of a single implant also leads to more aesthetic and functional outcomes as it saves neighboring teeth.

turkey implant
turkey implant

After treatment

  • Better Chewability
  • A happier social life with the recovery of self-confidence
  • Better aesthetic appearance
  • Healthier and balanced nutrition depending on ability to eat anything

Being import of all used materials and the necessity for very high technology for healthy implant production increase the price of the treatment. The observed increases in exchange rates due to the economic conditions in which our country include also negatively affects the cost of the treatment. The complexity and length of the implant replacement varies depending on the patient's dental health and needs and the result can be a huge investment. Call for an implant treatment in Turkey or send an email and we will call you.

turkey implant